Abigail "Abby" Archer is a major character from the series, Grossology.

Abby unravels mysteries so disgusting that no adult will touch them. She loves everything gross and slimy – nothing grosses her out. Abby likes to test her limits to see if there is something so gross, so slimy, so disgusting, that it will make even her, the Queen of Squeam, turn green. So far nothing has come close. Although she closely resisted gagging at gross sights on a rare number of occasions, such as in the episodes "The Slim Slime Man" and "Go Fish", the only exception was in the episode "Yack Attack", when she unknowingly drank contaminated water and threw up. She gets covered in slop the most, and being dirty has yet to affect her trademark ponytail. On the field, she is a competent fighter. She holds a severe grudge against not only villains like Lance Boil, but her school rival Paige. Unlike her younger brother Ty, she is athletic and depends on her instincts and feelings at times, however sometimes her feelings cloud her judgment when she has an affection for the suspect in question. Throughout the series she has shown interest in drama and sports like volleyball. She is scared of leeches as shown in the episode "Vein Drain". In the episode "When Allergies Attack" she was shown to develop an allergy to ladybugs. Abby and Ty share ownership of their kitten, Hairball, and delight in collecting samples of hairballs. She also tried out for the volleyball team at the goading of her father Harvey, who wanted her to live his dream through her.

Personality Edit

Abby has a multifaceted personality. She is very intelligent and kind, but can also be rather caustic at times, particularly towards her brother. While protective of the people she is close to, she can also be more demanding towards them. She is frank, rarely hesitating to speak her mind, and is considered a good student in class. She sympathizes with the weak and is ready to stand up to those who abuse others, hence her dislike for people like jocks, Paige, and the villains she fights.  As the only girl in the Bureau of Grossology, Abby sometimes sees things that Lab Rat and Ty fail to notice, which also occasionally highlights the differences between boys and girls. This was particularly evident in "The Greatest Race Ever Crawled", where Abby's annoyance with Lab Rat and Ty demonstrated a small but marked difference between her and the males on the team. Another personality trait that she possesses, which seems somewhat linked with the fact that she is a girl, is her sweet but sometimes seemingly excessive and inexplicable fascination with cuteness, which has on several occasions drawn mild annoyance and slightly sardonic remarks from her brother. She is determined and strong-willed, never once allowing Paige's teasing to depress her, although it nonetheless gets on her nerves

Appearance Edit

Abby has long red hair that is tied into a long ponytail that reaches her feet and has blue eyes. She has violet shirt and black leggings under her purple mini skirt and purple shoes. She is always seen with Ty but is rarley alone. She wears a yellow slimesuit.

In Hairless Whispers. Abby's hair turns blonde. and Frederick Follicle gets rid of Abby's hair.

Hirsute Yourself (Season 2, Episode 23) Edit

Abby grows a beard after being subjected to an overdose of testosterone by Freddy Folicle and grows big more muscles.