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Jackie Chan Adventure S4E12 - Jade

Jade Chan is one of the main characters in the Jackie Chan Adventures series.

Biography Edit

Jade is Jackie's Hong Kong-born, 12-year-old niece (actually his second-cousin, since she is his "cousin Shen's girl") who is already 'Americanized'. She is adventurous, and to that extent, she frequently disobeys her uncle's advice to remain in safety, and tends to accompany Jackie as he goes out on adventures and thus getting herself into trouble, and though she will not admit it, often has to be rescued by Jackie almost every time. Just as often, however, her quick mind and flexible thinking helps Jackie in situations where his moderate thinking and habitual caution are a definite hindrance. A frequent gag in the series is her inexplicable ability to appear in the middle of the action mere seconds after being left in a supposedly secure location/vehicle for her safety, she also wanted to be a hero/#1 fan like Jackie is and maybe have a fan club but Jackie forbids that because of her age.

In the second season, it turns out that Jade is possibly the Chosen One of the Ben-Shui order, although she seems largely unaware of this fact. This accounts for her considerable skill, energy, and enthusiasm, and for her immense (yet still mostly unrealized) potential in the martial arts, demonstrated when she easily beat up a skilled Section 13 worker called Mickey in the opening scene of the "Tchang Zu Portal" episode. Moreover, she is very good in using chi magic, as shown when she is able to annihilate Shadowkhan with Uncle's Puffer Fish. Jade once became the queen of the shadowkhan and her powers far exceeded Shendu's so much that he was forced to pay homage to her.


The Amazing T-Troop (S4E3)Edit

Jade uses the Ox Tailsman to give her super strength, and grossly inflating her muscles in the process to grows huge, massive muscles.

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Jackie Chan Adventures Magazine 57

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Jackie Chan Adventures - Jade Muscle Growth

Jackie Chan Adventures - Jade Muscle Growth

Jackie Chan Adventures - Muscular Jade

Jackie Chan Adventures - Muscular Jade