Jennifer Susan Walters (aka She-Hulk) is a character from Marvel. She is Bruce Banner's cousin who works as a lawyer, but an accident requiring a blood transfusion gives her the abilities of the Hulk when Bruce volunteered as a donor.

History Edit

Jennifer Walters is the daughter of Sheriff Morris Walters. Jennifer is also the cousin of Bruce Banner, a.k.a. The Incredible Hulk. Though she was five years younger than Bruce, Jennifer developed a close sister-and-brother relationship with her cousin while they were growing up together. After they reached adulthood, they eventually went their separate ways as they both pursued different careers. Jennifer studied for a career in law and eventually became a lawyer.

She attended UCLA School of Law where she became one of the top legal scholars and earned her Junior Doctor Degree there. She would eventually earn her Masters degree at Harvard Law School. One day, Bruce decided to visit Jennifer and re-establish their once close relationship. Unfortunately on that very same day, Jennifer was shot and seriously wounded by men working for Nicholas Trask, a crime boss who had once been an enemy of her father and also the enemy of one of Jennifer’s clients. To save Jennifer's life, Bruce gave his cousin a blood transfusion of his own blood since there were no other donors of her type available. Bruce's gamma-radiated blood caused Jennifer to transform into the savage She-Hulk. Jennifer first transformed into the She-Hulk when Trask’s men came to finish off Jennifer by posing as doctors. However, Jennifer quickly recognized them, and in fear for her life, transformed into the She-Hulk, easily dispatching the would-be killers.


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The Incredible Hulk - She-Hulk in action!

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