Magnolia is a native of the jungle and valley girl figure, Magnolia (also called Maggie or Mags) is one of George's closest friends, and has become Ursula's best friend since she came to the jungle. Despite her dressing in jungle attire (such as loincloths and sticks) as well as fits of hyperactivity, she appears to be very well educated in both human and jungle knowledge, often helping to bridge the gap between Ursula's city life and jungle life. She speaks with a mix of a Southern accent and valley girl, and can appear somewhat dimwitted at times. Her father is the local jungle Witch Doctor.

Muscle Mania (S01E13B)Edit

Magnolia looks for a quick fix to get fit, but Dr. Scott's muscle mutation formula just makes her meaner not leaner. Magnolia become stronger after bathing in the muscle formula,becoming the monstrously muscular Magnolia.