Princess Gwendolyn is a character from the series, Gawayn. She is a member of the Questers.

Appearance Edit

Like her fellow Questers, Gwen goes through many different wardrobe changes. She is usually seen wearing a light blue dress with gloves that go all the way to her elbows. She has blue eyes and blonde hair.

Personality Edit

Of all the Questers, Gwen is the most levelheaded and a bit motherly of the group. She is also the most even tempered of the Questers, though, when angered, is a fierce combatant. She has a soft spot for Sir Roderick and dreams of one day marrying him.

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Quizz Show (S01E47) Edit

Gwen grows muscles with super strength.


Man Problems (S02E08) Edit

Gwendolyn grow giant-size and buff.

Baby Questers (S02E13) Edit

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Princess Gwendolyn Muscle Growth - Gawayn (English)

Princess Gwendolyn Muscle Growth - Gawayn (English)