Raven is a fictional comic book superhero who appears in stories published by DC Comics. This version appears in the Cartoon Network series Teen Titans Go!, a comedic spin-off sequel to the 2003 action series.

Description Edit

In Teen Titans GO!, Raven is a cynical, sarcastic, deadpan half-demon girl who would rather be left alone. She is the daughter of the evil interdimensional demon Trigon. Anything that slightly agitates or mocks her is either banished or crushed by a giant, demonic black fist (Beast Boy specifically). When enraged she manifests four red eyes, sharp teeth and a distorted demonic voice. In this version, her short hair is black as opposed to being all violet-purple as it was in the original series. She also enjoys an in-show called Pretty Pretty Pegasus (a reference to My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic and its fandom). It is revealed throughout the course of the show that Raven harbors romantic feelings towards Beast Boy, although she keeps them secret from the rest of the Titans.

Vegetables (Season 2, Episode 16) Edit

Smile Bones (Season 2, Episode 29) Edit

When Beast Boy and Cyborg are inspecting the Titans bellies because they want them to be fat like theirs, Ravens abs are show.

Let's Get Serious (Season 2, Episode 32) Edit

In this episode the Titans try to act like serious superheroes and when they do they all get serious detailed new looks. In the episode you can see Ravens muscles more defined in one shot, but the original concept art shows she was going to be bigger.

Oil Drums (Season 2, Episode 38) Edit

Robin is excited that all of the Titans can follow their dreams without having a TV to rot their brains. He says Raven can finally be a bodybuilder like she always wanted to. Raven is confused and denies it, but when the fake theme song to their new show starts, we see Raven did want to be a bodybuilder after all or at least liked the idea.

Teen Titans Go! - No More Television - Cartoon Network

Teen Titans Go! - No More Television - Cartoon Network

Leg Day (Season 3, Episode 2) Edit

Raven as Lady Legasus for the second time show her legs again her bugling thigh flex her calve muscle.

Animals, It's Just a Word! (Season 3, Episode 14) Edit

Teen Titans Go! Mutated Raven Cartoon Network

Teen Titans Go! Mutated Raven Cartoon Network

Raven was flushed down a toilet earlier in the episode and at the end its revealed that in the sewer she became mutated, which made her grow muscular and lose an arm and eye.

Arms Race with Legs (Season 3, Episode 31) Edit

Raven once again shows the Titans the power of having strong legs and not just working out your arms. This time the Titans follow her lead but they still become so obsessed with their muscles that they dont fight crime and become a team of self centered villains. Raven has to become Mega Legasus to defeat them all, which gives her a new costume, hair and bigger legs.