Wanda Fairywinkle-Cosma is Cosmo's wife, Poof's mother, and Timmy's godmother. She is depicted as being smart and caring. Unlike Cosmo, she tries to prevent Timmy from wishing for things which can be disastrous, though her attempts often fail. She is responsible for the extinction of dinosaurs. She has a sister named Blonda and a father named Big Daddy. She has pink hair styled with a swirl in front and is usually shown wearing a yellow T-shirt and black pants. A running gag in the show is her constant nagging and tormenting of Cosmo.

The Temp (S00,E06 - Oh Yeah! Cartoons) Edit

Jorgen von Strangle forces Cosmo and Wanda to do a million push-ups, resulting in muscle-bound arms for both of them.

Inspection Detection (S02,E02a) Edit

Mighty Mom & Dyno Dad Edit

Wanda as a muscular Silver Surfer spoof.

Merry Wishmas (S06,E10) Edit

The Fairy Beginning (S09,E26) Edit